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Tim Riggins, is that you?!

When the cast of True Detective’s star-studded second season was first announced, it seemed like a dream come true that Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Vince Vaughn would be sharing the small screen. But now, five episodes in, it’s clear that Taylor Kitsch has stolen the spotlight on HBO’s neo-noir miniseries. Worlds away from his womanizing football-playing character on Friday Night Lights, Kitsch brings an air of mystery to his war-veteran motorcycle cop, Paul Woodrugh​. Plus, you just can’t help but stare in awe as he smolders on the screen. (I mean, have you SEEN those abs?)

Eye candy aside, Kitsch’s character has more to offer than his looks—and he’s arguably earned the title of most likable detective on the show. Each week, I find myself rooting for him as he struggles to find his footing both personally and professionally. So when it was confirmed, after many hints earlier this season, that (spoiler alert!) Woodrugh​ is gay, you couldn’t help but feel for the guy as he tried so hard to fight who he really is. Now that he’s gotten his on-off girlfriend pregnant, Woodrugh is playing the part of fiancé and father-to-be so giddily that you just know something—or someone—is right around the corner, waiting to reveal his truth.

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And in last night’s episode we learned that it just might be his very own mother, a has-been dancer who resents her son for ruining her career simply by being conceived. She’s also convinced that she’s the only one entitled to his love—and money. Not to mention, she’s way too focused on her son’s handsome looks. We get it, he’s hot—but come on, you’re his mom. Get it together. And her obsession with his love life took a shocking new turn when mommy dearest revealed that she knows her son’s secret—meaning that “Pauly,” as she coos, is getting darn close to being exposed.

That's why even though this season hasn’t had as many shocking twists as the first, Paul Woodrugh is still holding my attention. And it may be a slow crawl to the finish line where we finally get some answers, but as long as Woodrugh is along for the ride—and hopefully back on his bike, racing along the Pacific Coast Highway—then I’ll be tuning in.

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