By Danielle Prescod
Aug 11, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
Courtesy Victoria's Secret

Taylor Hill is the kind of girl that you would hate if she wasn’t literally the most likeable person on the planet. At 19 years old, Hill is the youngest Victoria’s Secret Angel ever, and signed to contract just one year after she made her debut in the show. We had the chance to spend some time with Taylor this past week when she traveled to Chicago for her first ever store appearance on behalf of the brand. The day was jam-packed and the entire trip was a whirlwind, to say the least. Through it all though, Hill remained the pinnacle of professionalism, never letting anyone see her sweat. So with only 24 hours in a single city, and about a million photographs to take, we had no choice but to grill the Colorado native on how she keeps her cool on the road and in front of all the cameras. Read on for her tried and true travel-beauty tips.

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Tip 1: Moisturize
“My skin gets so dry [on a plane]. I usually put lotion or coconut oil right before [a flight]. It is better to have a bare face and put lotion or moisturizer on so you’re not breaking out because of makeup. I use just coconut oil or argan oil.


Tip 2: Wash 'n' Go
“When I get off a plane, I take a shower and I wash my face with a face wash, and then I put the oil all over my body after I shower and I wash and condition my hair. I let it air-dry because I get my hair blow dried everyday. I condition it all the time and my mom cuts my hair, so I always go to her just to keep it really neat and clean. I just use whatever [the hotel has] to wash it. One day I will probably hate myself for it but for now I just go with the flow. It’s just one more thing to pack. And then I eat dinner! Eating is part of your beauty routine too. Eating well and sleeping well.”


Tip 3: Get Comfortable
“When I’m on a plane, I have a bun in my hair and I have my sweatpants on. Well, its like a sweatpant outfit. I will not be the person that changes into my sweatpants on the plane. I am just going to wear them. I don’t really care. I just think: ‘I am as I am.’ If other people see me looking that way, then they see me in their natural state and they will know that everyone can be beautiful. I have [Victoria’s Secret] Heavenly in my bag right now. It just smells heavenly and it is under 3 ounces so I usually bring that one.”


Watch Taylor Hill talk about becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel in the video below.

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