Tattly Scented Tattoo
Credit: tattly/Instagram

What do you get when you cross a scratch-n-sniff sticker with a Flash Tat? Tattly's scented temporary tattoos, apparently.

Yes, you're reading that right—these flower-printed tats actually smell like, well, flowers. Working with Agilex Fragrances, the brand created a floral belend of pink poppy, lily of the valley, fucshia petals, and ylang-ylang, with a base of poplar wood. This is the first of two collections that were designed by artist Vincent Jeannerot, who has also created a herb-inspired tattoo set for the brand. The latter range appropriately features herbaceous notes like bergamot, red thyme, rosemary, and wild sage.

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The designs in and of themselves are gorgeous, but the additional scent element makes these tattoos especially fun. Rest assured that even in the middle of the hottest, sweatiest music festival, the fragrance will last longer than your BFF's flower crown, which will likely fall apart or get snatched off her head midway through a set.

Shop the tattoos priced at $8 for a set of two, or $18 for a set of eight, on right now. There's even a cute candy-printed set designed by artist Julia Rothman, which basically smells like vanilla and cotton candy. Tattly shot photos of the cutest little girls wearing the candy designs for their promo images, but honestly, we'd totally rock them, too.