Red alert, indeed.


Self-proclaimed hair chameleon Taraji P. Henson has a new look — again. In a trio of golden hour snapshots posted to Instagram, Henson showed off a fire-engine red Afro, giving followers a peek at her newest hairstyle, which comes just about a week after she posted a vacation pic with red-flecked cornrows. It looks like the braids are out, because Henson's new style is big, bold, and fit for her chameleon tendencies.

"RED ALERT," she wrote alongside the triptych, adding siren emoji and the hashtag "hairchameleon" and gave props to her haircare line, TPH by TARAJI.

Chameleon doesn't even begin to describe Henson's hair transformations lately. In the past few months (which, admittedly included an entire awards season) alone, she's worn her natural hair, a platinum-blonde bob, and, last January, waist-skimming straight tresses to the Golden Globes.

It makes sense that Henson would swing from one style to another — it's always been that way.

"My mother was just overwhelmed with my hair because her texture and my texture are very different, and I had the nerve to be tender-headed," she told InStyle back in January. "I was a very dramatic, rambunctious child. There were a lot of times where I was screaming and kicking and falling out, pretending to pass out. I put her through it. She said to me, 'I'm not doing your hair anymore.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that’s the point.'"

When she finally had the chance to choose her own styles, she took advantage of that freedom, which is clearly something she's still doing. Red today. Who knows what'll come next?