By Kelley Cintra
Updated Jun 22, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Tara Lipinski Gold Barre - Embed 2016
Credit: Courtesy Equinox

What happens when you combine the intricate choreography of figure skating with isometric strength training? Gold Barre, a new Equinox class based on the techniques of none other than Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski. She collaborated with Equinox program manager Nicole DeAnda to create the 45-minute, cardio-infused workout, designed to help you achieve an ice skater's booty, with movements that mimic those that a professional would do on the ice, including spinning, jumping, and "stroking" using glider discs​ (mimicing the moving from one skate to the other).

In fact, it was borne out of Lipinski's own struggle with finding an exercise routine that could keep her body in the same shape as when she was a competitive athlete. "I discovered barre a few years ago, and it changed my life," she tells InStyle. "When I would travel, I slowly started customizing my barre routine to skating." Below, Lipinski tells us more about the genesis of Gold Barre and what makes it unique. The class is now available at Equinox locations across the country.

How does Gold Barre differ from typical barre classes?

The workout focuses a bit more on cardio and endurance training and targets slightly different muscles—it gets your heart rate up a little higher than a traditional barre workout. There is also a large focus on balance in this class, which challenges you much more than you would think.

What are some moves incorporated in the class that mimic your figure skating techniques?

In one section, all of the positions are based on spinning moves, like the layback (Ed note: A spin position in which the back is arched and the head drops back toward the ice with the free leg bent behind). We use round discs to create a motion that mimics stroking on the ice, which is really what targets the booty. Your glutes and hamstrings will be burning!

What kind of music plays during the class?

We came up with a fun combination of classical music with an EDM beat. The songs definitely push you through the class but stay true to what figure skaters would actually skate to during a competition.