Tallulah Willis Channels Her Mom Demi Moore's Famous '90s Haircut

Her bowl cut matches her mom's from Ghost.

Demi Moore has transformed her look for countless roles throughout her career, and her character's hairstyles have become as iconic as the films themselves. The actress even made headlines when she shaved her head to play a navy lieutenant in 1997's G.I. Jane, but before that, her career-making choppy bowl cut in 1990's Ghost signaled a shift from the big, teased hairstyles of the '80s.

So, when your mom's a legend, you look to her for hair inspiration just like the rest of us, which is exactly what Moore's youngest daughter Tallulah Willis did when she decided to chop off all of her hair. On Dec. 1, Willis posted a selfie on Instagram revealing her new short cut that's a cross between a pixie and a bowl cut — just like how her mom famously had her hair when she played the pottery-spinning role of Molly in Ghost.


"We did the Demi," she captioned the post. The second photo in Willis' slideshow showed Moore with the matching cut.

Demi Moore in Ghost
Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

Two days later, Willis shared a second closer photo of her new cut. In the selfie, you can see her tousled layers and long, forehead-grazing bangs.

Willis' sisters are feeling her take on one of their mom's iconic looks. "Omg this is my new favorite photo of you, you are so beautiful i am shook and shaking," Scout Willis commented.

Rumer Willis was also into the cut. "I can’t even deal with you 😍😍😍," she wrote.

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This isn't the first time Willis has channeled her mom with her hair. Five years ago, she shaved her head and posted photos showing how similar she looked to Moore in her film G.I. Jane. And with her mom's amazing repertoire of styles to choose from, it surely won't be the last.

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