Talk About Getting the Royal Treatment! Lorde to Launch a Makeup Collection With MAC

Lorde for MAC
Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images, Courtesy

Although she's never seen a diamond in the flesh, as her breakout single "Royals" suggests, we have a feeling that Lorde will quickly become a Queen Bee in the beauty world with her upcoming makeup collection for MAC.

The singer took to Twitter last night to reveal news of the collaboration, which rolls out to and MAC locations nationwide June 5. "I have loved MAC Cosmetics ever since I was a little kid," she says in a statement. "I remember saving up to buy my very first lipstick, Snob, at 14 and it was used by about 20 of my friends! MAC has a very clear aesthetic that has always felt fashion-forward to me. I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night."

The partnership couldn't be any more perfect -- Lorde's makeup artist Amber Dreadon is also the brand's senior artist, and the singer has famously worn MAC's staples to many red carpet events, including the Grammys. We have yet to see any of the products, but we're hoping her trademark purple lipstick (namely the ultra-dark version she wore to the BRIT Awards, pictured above) makes it into the collection.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at the line as the June 5 launch date gets closer, and see more spring beauty must-haves in our gallery, all priced at $25 and under!

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