By Kelsey Glein
Jun 22, 2014 @ 1:09 am
Laura Hull

Ever wanted to travel back in time to the 1940s? The Montage Beverly Hills is making it possible. In celebration of the Beverly Hills, Calif., centennial anniversary, the hotel has designed Suite 100, a majorly lavish room themed to the decade. Designed by Nina Petronzio, you can fully immerse yourself in the emotion of the era by surrounding yourself with decor inspired by the time period such as lounging on plush furniture created just for the suite, and honing your writing skills on a vintage Underwood Noiseless Typewriter.

Laura Hull

Indulge in the decade by ordering off the Montage's special '40s food and cocktail room service menu, which features a unique selection of favorite drinks of iconic authors. From Ernest Hemingway’s rum to William Faulkner’s bourbon, have a sip of what may have inspired the Great American Novel. Plus, to satisfy your sweet tooth, a collection of the decade's most popular candies are stocked at the Honor Bar. Best of all, take advantage of the “press for champagne” button to have a bottle delivered by a bellhop promptly to your door.

Laura Hull

Ready to head back into the golden age of Hollywood? You’ll only have until the end of the year before the period pieces will be removed and the suite will be returned to its present-day state, so make your reservation now at the Montage Beverly Hills. Prices start at $1,914 per night; visit for more information.

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