Take an Exclusive Peek at Paige's New Campaign Starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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It's official: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of the most effortlessly glam denim models we've seen. Making her debut as the face of Paige’s spring 2015 campaign, Huntington-Whiteley rocks embellished jeans, lived-in denim shorts, and sexy silk camis from the denim brand's latest collection.

"Rosie has been our muse and inspiration for many years," says Paige co-founder and creative director Paige Adams-Geller. "Her red carpet style and street style have greatly influenced our designs and styling, so to have her on board as the official face is a dream come true." To celebrate the campaign launch, which debuts on Feb. 2, we asked the denim maven to grill Huntington-Whiteley on her modeling career, style secrets, and, of course, her favorite blues.


You are revered as one of the most beautiful women in the world. How did your career in modeling come to life?Growing up in the countryside in England, I was fascinated by all the creative aspects of what went into creating the beautiful images we see in magazines. At my school when we were 15 years of age everyone in my year group was encouraged to do a week of work experience in a field of interest to each of us. I applied to different fashion companies in London, from shops, photography studios, designers—and one modeling agency. The only company to reply was the modeling agency. They accepted my offer to intern for them for the week and a few months later I was on a train to London full of excitement and nerves. My week was spent photocopying and faxing models schedules to them, running errands around London, making multiple cups of tea and answering the phone—not quite what I had planned on, but I loved it!

A year later when I was in London again my mum encouraged me to stop by the agency and say, “hello.” There was a new agent who asked if she could take some Polaroids of me, which I agreed to. The agent called me a few days later and asked if I would like to try modeling during my school holidays. I was thrilled by the prospect, as I finally would get to see what happened on a photo shoot! I started on go-sees and then castings and then the photo shoots began to follow.

When you are modeling, do you take on a character?Yes, absolutely! On most shoots you naturally become a character with all the different variations of clothes, hair and make-up, lighting and sets. I always like to think of an emotion or attitude I’d like to convey in each image. I think of who the audience of the image is, who the company or publication is and who the customer might be.

What inspires you when creating your own personal style? I’m lucky enough to work with some of the best experts at work every day so I have definitely picked up a few tips over the past 12 years! It can take time to figure out your own personal style and what makes you feel the best and it changes as you grow as an individual. I often look on Pinterest or my favorite blogs and magazines to get outfit inspirations too!

What is your all-time favorite uniform for day? And for a night out? During the day my uniform is mostly made up of great jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. I’m not really one for following high-fashion trends as I never feel like myself in them, so really my style is pretty simple and relaxed. I’d rather invest in great boots, shoes, and jewelry to spice up my look. During the evening I love to wear leather as it's inherently sexy and cool. I’ll wear leather pants and a silky camisole and maybe add a little vintage jacket or shirt, sexy stilettos, or boots.

What are your favorite styles to see on a man? Which men do you think really get it right?I like men who keep it real and simple. I’m never attracted to a man who looks like he may take longer than me to get ready! I like men in classic jeans, a T-shirt, and a cool jacket. For the evening, a suit or a tux is always pretty hot. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman are my kind of guys. Confident, cool, and a little rough round the edges!

We are both constantly on the go. How do you always look so chic and effortless when you travel? Any secrets? I will always wear jeans with a little stretch to the airport so when sitting on the plane they are comfortable and they hold their shape. I tend to always get changed out of my outfit for long haul flights, that way my clothes stay fresh and clean and I’ll get dressed before landing. I’ll change into a comfy sweater, T-shirt, and leggings and then it’s all about catching up on reading, watching movies, and sleep. I try to drink as much water I can and remove my make-up. I keep a little cosmetic bag of my essential products for flying, like moisturizer, make up remover wipes, essential oils, and rosewater mist.


I have had such an amazing time co-creating with you on our spring 2015 ad campaign. It has felt so natural and effortless. What has been your favorite moment so far?It’s been creative and really fun to work with you on coming up with the direction of the spring 2015 campaign. I loved spending time sharing our favorite inspiration images together and setting the tone for the overall vision from choosing the location to putting the team together. It was great to work with Naj Jamai, the photographer, who is so talented and easy to work with. I loved working with Cher Coulter, the stylist—styling all the looks together. The day of the shoot couldn’t have run smoother! We had a great day filled with good energy and I feel that really comes through in the final images.

I loved picking out the outfits that we chose for the campaign with you. What are you most excited about wearing in our denim and lifestyle collections?I would say my absolute favorite pieces are the Frenchie Flares, the distressed Jimmy Jimmy boyfriend jeans and the printed cotton shirts. I’m willing spring to come sooner so I can wear all of it!

What is your first memory of wearing Paige? I remember the first time I wore Paige was at a Victoria’s Secret press day. I wore a pair of white denim flares!

Since we are both country girls, born and bred: How do you like to spend your precious free time? I’m often traveling and on the road so when I’m not working I really just enjoy being at home, hanging out with my friends and my family. I like to catch up on movies, listen to good music, and cook. I love taking my dogs for walks on the beach and going out to restaurants and cocktails with my girlfriends! I like to be active so I will usually work out every day I can or go for a long hike with friends.

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