Skin Inc Serums
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In an ideal world, we'd all be able to apply Kanye West's "I get it custom, you a customer" lyrics to every aspect of our lives. While a bespoke designer gown may fall slightly out of our price range right now, our skin can still get the A-list treatment with our own personalized serums, without being too painful on your wallet. Recognizing that not all complexions have the same needs, skincare brand Skin Inc has launched an innovative Skin Identity Tool to pinpoint the specific issues, and to blend up a tailor-made serum to treat those you want to address. In order to deliver results as accurate as you'd get in a dermatologist's office, the brand partnered with Dr. Donald L. Bissett and Dr. Shekhar Mitra to create questions targeting the effects your environment, lifestyle, and genetics have on your skin, while touching on current concerns you want to resolve.

The tool then compiles your answers into your own unique profile, and pulls a trio of actives from the brand's extensive Supplement Bar, which contain potent ingredients encapsulated in a mixture of algae-derived speheres. Skin Inc's Skin Identity Tool will roll out to Sephora stores nationwide starting in April, but if you can't wait until then, the questionnaire is available right now at After submitting your results, you'll get a four-piece kit that includes everything you need to hand-mix your own potion for $90, and the brand will save your profile should you ever need to alter the ingredients or refill your stock. Head over to to get started!