By Brandi Fowler
Updated Aug 04, 2017 @ 4:45 pm
Credit: TaTaTowels/Facebook

That dreaded boob sweat. It happens to the best of us, particularly during these crazy hot summer months.

Thanks to a new invention though, there's a solution: The Ta-Ta Towel. It's a towel bra that was designed specifically to combat it, and while it looks a bit quirky, the designs are flying off the virtual shelves (three of them sold out following the company's first-ever launch).

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As for how it works, each towel comes complete with an adjustable strap that goes around the back of the neck. It's double-sided and also serves as a boob holder. It's meant to be worn on its own, but you can put a shirt over it if you're not comfortable hitting the town in just that alone.

Credit: TaTaTowels/Facebook

Each towel costs $45 and is available for pre-order on the Ta-Ta Towel website. But don't wait if you're interested in getting one. The Ta-Ta Towel is already sparking quite the craze on social media, with fans calling it everything from "lit" to "genius."