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Chocoholics, rejoice! If you've always dreamed of having a library with shelves lined with chocolate (and really, who hasn't), your fantasy is now a reality.

London department store Selfridges has launched their Chocolate Library with 63 brands ranging from Adoré to Yolka arranged alphabetically, plus a staff chocolatier (or “chocoarian”) on hand to advise you on all your cocoa-filled questions.

Your library won't be filled with any run-of-the-mill chocolate, of course: Artisanal dark chocolate bars are made by producers who use cocoa beans from their own plantations, including exotic flavors like lemongrass, green grape and cacao nibs, black olive and pink peppercorn, and even milk chocolate­–camel milk. (Yes, as in camels from the desert.)

If you trust your powers of self-control, all items can also be ordered via the Selfridges’ website. Happy indulging!