By Brandi Fowler
Updated May 13, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Swedish Royal Family - LEAD
Credit: Erika Gerdemark/

Sweden's Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are giving some major competition in the adorable royal family portrait department.

The couple, who welcomed their son, Prince Alexander, on April 19, recently posed for several sweet family photos, with one (above) showing the doting parents sitting al fresco on a wooden bench as Philip cuddles the baby boy and their pup poses by Sofia's side. In that shot, the dapper Prince Carl sports a gray suit with black dress shoes while the princess wears off-white separates and matching pumps.

Swedish Royal Family - Embed 2
Credit: Erika Gerdemark/

That was just the beginning of their swoon-worthy snaps. In a separate black-and-white shot (above), Prince Carl stands and cuddles the little one in his arms as Alexander sleeps soundly on his shoulder. In another aww-inducing photo (below), Princess Sofia cradles Alexander and gazes lovingly at the tiny tot, who is still sleeping through all of the photo-shoot action.

Swedish Royal Family - Embed 1
Credit: Erika Gerdemark/

Prince Carl and Princess Sofia shared their first photo of Sweden's littlest royal after they left the hospital with him last month. The couple was all smiles in the shot as they proudly carried their baby boy, who was tucked into a car seat.