Swedish Crown Jewels Were Reportedly Stolen by Thieves Who Fled by Motorboat

Sweden, Sodermanland, Strangnas, Cobbled street lined by wooden houses leading to Domkyrkan Cathedral
Photo: Eye Ubiquitous/Getty Images

The crown jewels of Sweden have reportedly been stolen by thieves who made their getaway by motorboat, and yes, this is a real thing that happened and not the plot of the next installment of the James Bond franchise.

The Daily Mail and the Swedish outlet Aftonbladet both report that the robbery took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Strängnäs Cathedral in southeastern Sweden, located about 50 miles outside of Stockholm. Two crowns, one belonging to King Karl IX and the other to Queen Kristina (monarchs who reigned in the 17th century), were taken, as was a royal orb. Royal Central reports that the crowns were burial crowns that were later exhumed and put on display at the cathedral.

The stolen crown jewels were reportedly locked behind glass, and the cathedral was open to visitors at the time of the robbery.

According to Swedish police, two men were seen fleeing in an open motorboat.

The thieves have not yet been captured. Thomas Agnevik, a spokesperson for the police, told press, "It's 1-0 to them right now, but we do not know what it looks like tomorrow." Godspeed.

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