From Sweatpants to Couture, Jessica Biel and Lea Michele's Stylist Dishes On Their Fashion Evolution

Lea Michele and Jessica Biel
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Yesterday at Erin Kleinberg's Après Surf Girls brunch held in the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles, Kiernan Shipka, Langley Fox, Kelly Oxford, Sally Lyndley, Jacquie Aiche, and more gathered to fete the designer's spring/summer 2015 collection and campaign. Also among the bunch was stylist Estee Stanley, who counts mega stars Jessica Biel and Lea Michele as clients—and she revealed to InStyle just how much her clients have changed over the years.

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"Jessica's look has evolved a lot! When I first met her, she had those jeans that had sweats attached to them. Do you remember those things from like the early '90s? They were sewn-on sweatpants to jean shorts. I said, 'this isn't cute,'" Stanley tells InStyle. "When I first started working with Lea it was her first season on Glee, and she was a super young, cute, flirty girl. I think she has really evolved into someone who notices fashion and loves fashion. For her first Emmys, I dressed her in a huge Oscar de la Renta dress. That was one of my favorites (above, left)."

When it comes to Biel and Michele's personal style, Stanley reveals that both like to keep it simple. "Lea's definitely not a fussy girl. It's very about the one thing she's wearing. It's never like heavily accessorized. She likes to keep it like clean and beautiful," she says. "Jessica really needs to be comfortable all the time—she's just a Colorado girl. I don't think it's in her DNA to be dressed up all the time." What's Stanley's advice for getting Jessica's look? "Go to the gym! A lot!"

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—With reporting by Brianna Deutsch

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