Nothing says summer quite like sweating profusely in record-breaking high temps. To help you beat the sweltering heat, we’ve pieced together a no-sweat survival guide that answers, explores, and solves every issue you might encounter this summer. Welcome to our Sweat Series.

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Forget going for the full Kardashian contour—in the middle of the summer, even wearing minimal makeup can be a struggle. Amongst our gripe list: clogged pores, too much product and midday meltdown. But while going bare-faced is tempting, wearing makeup in 100-degree weather that actually stays put is possible. Read on to see our four golden rules to putting your best face forward in the climbing temps.

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Lighten Your Layers

Too much makeup in peak heat and humidity can clog your pores and trigger a breakout, so we recommend swapping your weighty products for a lightweight tinted moisturizer, and applying concealer only in areas where your skin needs a little extra love. We're obsessed with the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream ($29;, which is so hydrating, you can skip the heavy moisturizer that can cause your makeup to slide around. Pair the light veil with a waterproof concealer like Tarte's ($23; so you don't have to worry about sweating it off. Use matte powder only where needed, like around your T-zone, or work with the elements and embrace that dewy finish.

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Choose Non-Sticky Textures

Traditional glosses and opaque lipsticks aren't the best choice if you want to melt-proof your makeup, but that doesn't mean bold lip colors are benched for the season. Lightweight gloss-serum hybrids like Ready to Wear's Lip Lurex ($18; or Dior's Fluid Stick ($35; give off the appearance of your favorite gloss, sans the sticky texture. If you want a full-impact color, try a liquid lipstick like Too Faced's Melted ($21; with an ultra-fluid formula that won't dry out your pucker.

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Waterproof Everything

Heat waves are the perfect time to take a minimalist approach toward your eye makeup, as a full-on smoky effect is too fussy for sky-rocketing temps. Sure, it's possible, but a waterproof aqua hue like YSL's ($30; swept along your lower lashes paired with Eyeko's Sport Waterproof Mascara ($24; make just as big of an impact, and have extra staying power. For good measure, use a durable brow gel like MAC's Waterproof Brow Set ($17; to seal the groomed appearance of your arches into place. They'll look on fleek even if you decide to take a dip in the pool.

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Lock It In

The magic of makeup setting sprays—particularly Urban Decay's All-Nighter ($30;—is unparalleled by any other product when it comes to getting your makeup to stay put. You can use it as a finishing touch; you'll want to apply a light veil over your face before heading outside to lock in your handiwork. Or if you prefer to target specific areas, Mally Beauty's Face Defender ($40; is a translucent, long-wearing alternative to your traditional pressed powder, and imparts a poreless, airbrushed effect to boot.

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