Birthday suit for the birthday woman.

Suzanne Somers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Suzanne Somers just turned 73 years old, and appropriately celebrated her birthday with a photo of herself in — what else? — her birthday suit.

The Three's Company actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram posing nude, seated in a field of flowers. The middle of October might seem a little brisk for a nude photo outdoors, but since the location was tagged to Palm Springs, Calif., we can probably safely assume Somers was warm enough.

The actress and famed Thighmaster spokeswoman has previously spoken about how she maintains her health, telling ET in 2017 that she relies on exercise and "maybe 60 vitamins a day."

"I will do yoga till I die. I do it every other day," she said. "... And I use the Thighmaster religiously. The Buttmaster is incredible."