Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are doing things a little differently.

It's only been about a week since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry launched their own joint Instagram account (separate from the Kensington Royal account, which they previously shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton), but they've already got us hooked — and made headlines along the way.

For starters, they reached a major milestone by getting one million followers in record time, dethroning past record-holders like Pope Francis and K-Pop star Kang Daniel.

But the account is a bit of a departure from the royal presence on the Kensington account. The biggest difference? The Sussexes have definitely added a bit more of a personal touch to their grid. Let's take a closer look.

They're focusing on the causes they've championed again and again.

It's still early days for @SussexRoyal, but a glance through the account shows plenty of photos of charity organizations and causes, as opposed to Kensington Royal's focus on more photos of the royals themselves (including ones of Meghan and Harry). Though the Kesington account does make mention of whichever organization the royals happen to be supporting that day, the captions are significantly shorter than the paragraphs-long explainers found on the Sussex's account.

Looking over the @SussexRoyal grid, it appears that photos of the couple are spaced out, sandwiched between photos of civilians involved in their favorite causes — whether or not that's strategic (everyone knows a selfie gets more likes, but real people get more points where it counts), perhaps we'll never know.

To be fair, the Sussex account is very new, and since Meghan is on maternity leave, there are perhaps fewer photos of her and Prince Harry on outings that can be posted.

They've got that personal touch — including never-before-seen, intimate photos.

Not only are they highlighting others, but the Sussexes have already used their account to speak directly to fans, thanking them for putting together the global Sussex baby shower, which saw fans around the world putting together a virtual baby shower for Meghan by donating to some of her favorite causes.

They also shared a more personal look into their lives with an old throwback photo from their trip to Botswana in 2017 (seen in the fourth photo of a slideshow post). In fact, most of the photos currently on the Sussex account have a little more of a personal touch than the glossier professional photos used on Kensington Royal's account, including another never-before-seen photo of Meghan and Harry in Fiji.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Credit: sussexroyal/Instagram

That said, even their professional photos feel insider-y, especially those that show them showing a little PDA. The intimate shots definitely lend an air of authenticity and provide a sense of connection.

Their branding is strong, right down to those stylish blue announcement cards.

Prince Harry used the account on Wednesday to announce his involvement in a new project to champion mental health awareness, another cause close to his heart. What's even more significant is that he did so in a post with a stylized announcement card, which we first saw in the account's first post. Perhaps it's the card format we'll see when the royal baby's birth is announced? Gotta keep that #aesthetic strong, after all.

Should they choose a royal blue card to announce the arrival of Baby Sussex (due any day now), the move would certainly establish them as royal influencers who are using social media in a whole new way. With Meghan's blogging and social media past (R.I.P. The Tig), it's no wonder that their new account has an intentional, branded feel to it.

Time will tell if Meghan and Harry continue to chart new territory with @SussexRoyal, but given that Prince Harry won our hearts with an almost unprecedented defense of Meghan when they first started dating, it wouldn't be a huge departure for the Sussexes to keep pushing a new world order — even if just on Instagram.