When was the last time you watched a car commercial and thought to yourself, “Wow, I’d really like to visit their website to learn more!” Or “Man, 0% APR? That’s a bargain!” Has a clip ever made you go, “Thank goodness for ergonomic interior design”? Or what about, “It’s time to check my credit 'cause I’d really like to lease that baby.”

Didn’t think so.

But boy, can Susan Sarandon get us to do just about anything. The 70-year-old star is now the face of Mercedes-Benz and stars in its Generation Now, Generation Next, Chapter Two campaign. It sounds fancy AF, but basically, she’s just promoting their Concept EQ car. And because it’s Susan Sarandon and Susan Sarandon can do whatever she wants, it’s magical.

The new addition to the series, a part of the #mbcollective campaign, features filmmaker Bryn Mooser and was photographed by Luke Gilford. Gilford, as you’ll see, hooked them all up. In the video above, Sarandon wears a badass red pantsuit as she glides out of a Benz parked alongside the shore. The first thing you see? A sexy red glove slipping out the car door. A veil flailing through the wind. The first thing you hear? That siren-like, raspy voice.

What is she talking about? We have no idea. “There’s nobody left, just you and I. My mirror is you. And in you, I begin,” she says, adding, “Your love came as an electric fury. Your passion is strong as gravity. And everyone must fall.” Wow! That’s intense.

We’re into it, though. And if Susan picked us up for a ride, we’d hop in.