Watch Susan Sarandon Do Some Major Trash Talking Before a Ping-Pong Showdown with Kids

Susan Sarandon - James Corden
Photo: Courtesy YouTube

When it comes to ruthless opponents, you do not want to face off against Susan Sarandon and James Corden.... or maybe you do. Especially if it is a game of ping-pong. On The Late Late Show on Tuesday, Corden and Sarandon, who owns a ping-pong bar/restaurant in New York City called Spin, decided to take their skills to the street by challenging some young players to a game. They started with an intense trash talking session where they got in some real zingers against the two kids.

"Is your Mama gonna pick you up from school cause your daddy's right here," said Corden. "You better say grace because you're about to get served," added Sarandon. Then there was some roaring, dog barking, and cat meowing. But they should have stopped there, as it turned out Sarandon and Corden did not have the skills to back up their tough threats against the excellent young players.

Their lack of communication and inability to just hit the ball over the net despite even switching to giant paddles, couldn't help them. At one point, Corden just told the far younger and more talented players to just "Stop it!" Finally the young player served up a ball that went straight into Corden's mouth. When Sarandon went to give him the Heimlich, the ball made it over the net, scoring them a point. "Next point wins! That's what you said! Next point wins! See you later, you pair of punks!" said Corden.

Watch Sarandon and Corden play a horrible round of Ping Pong in the clip below.

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