By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated May 22, 2013 @ 5:30 pm
Target Bridal
Credit: Courtesy Photo (2)

There is no stopping Target! The one-stop shop for everything from beauty products to blenders is now serving one more market: Bridal. The company just launched an online-only bridal collection named TEVOLIO, a name inspired by the Italian phrase for I Love You, Ti voglio. It includes 10 bridesmaids styles, four bridal styles, and two flower girl dresses, with sizes ranging from 2 to 28. There are also customizable elements: “We make sure that each of our dresses has something special,” said Jennifer Lansing of the product development team on a post for Target’s blog, A Bull’s-Eye View. “Some dresses have a removable flower pin. Many of our dresses have pockets—even bridal gowns.” Click through the gallery to check it out. The lineup is available at for $70 to $130.