By Aly Semigran
Feb 03, 2015 @ 8:21 am

Having your photo taken on the Super Bowl red carpet (yes, even the Super Bowl has a red carpet) would be pretty cool. But having your photo taken on the Super Bowl red carpet while Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Jimmy Fallon all photobomb you would be the greatest keepsake of all time. That's exactly what happened to some unsuspecting and very lucky fans at Super Bowl XLIX over the weekend when the Tonight Show host recruited the adorable actors/friends/superheroes/sports rivals to help him with his Celebrity Photobomb segment.

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All of their photobomb efforts were hilarious, especially when they pre-planned some bits like a triple piggyback, a conga line, and when Evans, rather impressively, jumped over Pratt's head. The best, however, are when the Super Bowl attendees turned around and realized who was behind them. (One man excitedly realized he'd just been photobombed by none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.)

These three have just upped the celebrity photobomb ante.

Watch Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Jimmy Fallon pull off some amazing photobombs at the Super Bowl:

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