By Jonathan Borge
Jun 25, 2018 @ 1:15 pm

Suri Cruise is probably rolling in dough today—and that’s not because her ultra rich parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are footing the bill. 

The entrepreneurial 12-year-old and a group of friends set up a lemonade stand during the Pride parade—quite the savvy business move. Considering how many thousands of locals march the streets, it’s safe to assume the cash flow was solid.

But seriously, Suri’s lemonade stand stand was just an honest reminder that kids are just kids, even when their folks are constantly thrust into the spotlight. For her big day, she wore a girly top with a pink skirt and purple bow in her hair, much like the looks mom Holmes shares of her on Instagram from time to time.

Jackson Lee/

So how much do we think she earned? According to Us Weekly, Suri and company were charging $2 a glass, less than what you’d pay for an iced tea at Starbucks, but more than what we’ve seen other kids charge for lemonade. A source said they also sold rainbow-covered Rice Krispies and that Suri was “very sweet and kind” as her nanny watched over.

Earlier this month, Holmes offered a glimpse at Suri’s summer life with a video of her running through N.Y.C.

Cruise's sweet lemonade shop comes on the heels of a similar children's stand that's gone viral. Over the weekend, the Internet dubbed Alison Ettel "Permit Patty" after the San Francisco resident called the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water bottles outside of her apartment. She says that the noise of Jordan's sale disrupted her work, and that she first tried to be polite but had no choice but to be "stern." Jordan's mother Erin Austin recorded a video of Ettel calling the police and now, Ettel says she's received death threats over the incident.

“Horrible, horrible images and death threats,” Ettel told the Today show. Notably, Ettel is a white and the girl, named Jordan, is black. Her call follows a string of recent news reports of white people calling the police on black people for things like packing their cars without waving to neighbors.

Jordan was raising money for her dream trip to Disneyland, and, despite the drama, her wish came true thanks to social media.