This Week's Wow: Through Tears of Joy, Fashion Celebrates #EqualityforAll

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The Moment: “Proud,” in the word of Hillary Clinton on Twitter. “#LoveWins” from The White House. “Thank the gay LORD that Liza Minnelli lived to see this day,” said our dear friend Mickey Boardman.

How do you express all of the emotions that resulted from the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday that same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States? Jubilation, elation, pride, relief, gratitude, astonishment. I’m trying not to cry while typing this, but the crumpled Pret napkins on my desk suggest I may need a moment.

“I was in a taxi, coming to work, when the texts started coming in,” said Prabal Gurung, who just called to celebrate the news, and he, too, was overwhelmed. “We know how much we told ourselves that we are equal and no less than anyone else, but when the law doesn’t tell you that, it is not the same. For all these years, people have fought for these rights. And to have them, it’s just an incredible emotion. The beauty of it is that the rest of the world will look at what America is doing.”

Narciso Rodriguez told me, "As a gay man and husband, it made my heart swell to hear the news and know our nation and its leaders stand behind us."

Why It’s a Wow: Fashion is an industry that has historically welcomed and celebrated gay people more than most, felt their struggles, expressed their hopes, faced more than their share of grief with a generation of designers who were lost to AIDS. And so you will hear no priggish dissenting opinion here (Justice Scalia can stew all he wants with his silly Thomas More hat, thank you very much). There are only rainbows over Seventh Avenue, and all over social media, where Levi’s, Thakoon, Zac Posen, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America reflected a spectrum of happiness.

Several designers—Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and Rodriguez, among them—have married in recent years in states that allowed it. And maybe now, there will be more. Marc Jacobs posted a picture of himself wearing an engagement ring, while joking, “Seems like I’m always a bridesmaid and never a bride!”

Eric's Wow Equal Marriage Embed

He’s a hot catch, people.

Learn More: Read all about it in the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. And if you’re in New York City this weekend, come celebrate NYC Pride. Maybe you’ll bump into Marc Jacobs.

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