Sunglass Nails Are the New Manicure Effect You're Going to Want, Stat

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'80s-era pop star Corey Hart can rest assured that wearing your sunglasses at night officially became a lot more acceptable. Just when you thought chrome and holographic nails were the most eye-catching looks of the moment, manicurist Julie Kandalec presents us with sunglass nails—a reflective, multi-tonal effect that mimics the mirrored shades you wore all summer long. During a recent trip to Seoul, the pro snapped the below shot of the mani to her Instagram, and the internet freaked out accordingly. "I saw these at a random accessories store in one of the huge, winding markets," she tells InStyle. "I loved how they looked just like Ray-Bans—my brother was actually searching for a pair—so the name was born. These are super cool for fall because they're so eye-catching, and the colors change as you look at them, like how Ray-Bans do."

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In contrast to the chrome technique, which involves a super-fine metallic pigment applied over gel polish, Kandalec notes that the sunglass effect is accomplished in one step, using a solid nail covering. Though they haven't arrived stateside just yet, she recomends asking your nail technician for a duo-chrome metallic pigment to get a similar mani in the meantime. "They're catching on fast. First, we saw single tones like warm gold, bright copper, and cool gunmetal, but since these are multi-chrome, they change between 3 to 4 different colors depending on the angle," she adds. Since the color choices are somewhat deeper than your go-to heavy metal, it's a perfect accent for your subdued fall wardrobe—just be prepared for everyone on your feed to caption their own #ManiMonday Instagram with something along the lines of "When your future's so bright, you have to wear shades."

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