Sundance Beauty: Products We Pack for Long Days in a Cold Mountain Town

Park City, Utah, has an elevation of over 7,000 feet above sea level. This means that the 40,000 or so attendees of the annual Sundance Film Festival may experience some adverse effects from the light mountain air if they're not prepared: peeling lips, fly-away hair, dry hands. And it's not just the weather and atmosphere that can affect your good looks. Long days of standing on your feet in our portrait studio followed by late nights soaking in films can lead to some seriously over-tired peepers. Did I mention that I cry really easily at movies? Luckily for InStyle editors such as myself and Sharon Clott Kanter, we are able to consult the InStyle beauty team who arm us up with the required lotions and potions to survive the fest. Here's what is in my bag as I head off to Sundance 2015:

1. Clean up those snow boots.Boot Rescue Wipes ($7 for a pack of 10; will help make sure our Sorels, Fryes, and Uggs are all clean and shiny. They're made by a Canadian company that knows a thing or two about salt stains.

2. Have handshake ready hands.There's a lot of meeting-and-greeting going on at Sundance. To keep our hands soft we'll tote Jenna Hipp's Essential Nail & Hand Cream ($35 for 3 creams; and generously apply, with frequency. We like the no fragrance version so it doesn't distract.

3. Fight the frizzies. A moisturizing shampoo is essential. Fresh Seaberry Revitalizing Shampoo ($26; smells amazing and leaves strands silky soft.

4. Rub away rough spots.This teeny little container of Creme Brulee Vaseline ($7; is a blessing. It fits in the small bag, smells yummy, and will provide instant nourishment to anything that needs a little extra protection.

5. Try to look rested."Natural" is the beauty strategy for Sundance, but even the most low-maintenance gal has to cover up the bags under her eyes. Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Concealer ($28; does the trick.

6. Let the tears flow.Whether it's a bone-chilling wind or heart-wrenching documentary film, tear ducts are very active during Sundance. Brace yourself for water works with a durable mascara that's up to the task. I'm bringing MAC's Haute & Naughty Waterpoof Lash ($22; in my bag.

7. Make your smile pretty and smart.Keeping your lips moist isn't enough. Pick a gloss with SPF for protection. Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme ($23; with SPF 15 and a slight flowery scent is tougher than it looks.

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