5 Trips Everyone Will Be Taking This Summer

When it comes to wanderlust inspiration, Pinterest reigns supreme—and today, the platform released its 2018 Travel Report, just in time to start planning your summer travels. With sunnier days ahead, Pinterest culled data about this year's most popular destinations, trendiest trip themes, and even who makes for the best travel partner. According to their calculations: get ready for a summer full of solo surfing trips and small-town American charm.

Scroll down to check out the five travel trends Pinterest users are losing their heads over. And if you think it's too early to start dreaming up your getaway, think again: After all, science has already proven that planning trips boosts your happiness almost as much as the trip itself does.

1. Flying Solo

Solo Travel
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Travelers are no longer waiting for friends, family, or significant others to sign up before planning their dream getaway. They are hitting the road alone and loving it. Searches for "solo adventures" on Pinterest are up a whopping 593 percent, proving that people are finally getting more comfortable with venturing out on their own and taking the opportunity to make new friends and focus on self-love.

2. Smart Travel Tip: Stopovers

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With air travel becoming more affordable and competitive, some airlines are appealing to travelers by offering free stopovers as a way to explore more locations on their trips. Countries looking to boost tourism stand to gain, and travelers are taking advantage of these perks, building itineraries around them. Icelandair, for one, is offering passengers the opportunity to spend up to a week-long layover in Iceland at no air-ticket cost. No wonder "stopovers" are up 90 percent on Pinterest.

3. Food Tourism

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Local foods are part of exploring any destination, but more travelers are planning entire itineraries around sampling world-famous fare. We wouldn't mind a quick trip to Copenhagen to dine at René Redzepi's Nma or to Tokyo for a chance to eat, rather than dream of, Jiro Ono's world-class sushi. On PInterest, "food guides" are up 207 percent, and "wine trips" are up more than 199 percent.

4. Forget Wellness and Catch the Surf

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Pinterest's report shows that while 2017 was the year of wellness retreats, 2018's most popular getaways are decidedly more fast-paced. Interest in surf classes is up 260 percent, and interest in bike tours are up 142 percent. But make no mistake, travelers will not be flocking to the beaches of California to hit the waves. Instead, they prefer far-flung locales like Bali, where they can take up a new hobby and dive into a new, local culture.

5. In Search of the Westeros

King's Landing
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With the international popularity of Game of Thrones, it's no wonder that pop culture die-hards are opting to spend their vacations touring the filming locations of popular shows. Destinations like Iceland, Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Morocco—all spots where GoT action has been filmed—have new appeal among Westeros fans.

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