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Now that it's officially summer, figuring out what to wear can be a challenge. What's even more of a challenge—figuring out what to wear underneath. To wear our favorite summer staples (strappy tanks and sundresses) without any fashion blunders, we found lingerie solutions for every single sartorial problem.

Problem: What should my go-to bra be during the summer?

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Lightweight lace, of course! Its airiness will help you feel less constricted in the humidity. Plus, it add just the right touch of sexiness. We recommend choosing options with under-wires, so you don't have to sacrifice support for style.

Shop the pieces (from top): Eres, $385; Heidi Klum Intimates, $65; Edge o' Beyond, $185;

Problem: My favorite tank has the lowest armholes ever. What do I wear underneath?

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Wear a bralette that you'd want seen from the sides. It can be a pop of color, a delicate band, or multiple side straps (bralettes like this offer better support for bigger busts). Be certain to choose one that offers full coverage. Side boob might be cute on pop stars, but it doesn't quite translate in real life.

Shop the pieces (from top): Fleur du Mal, $98; Curriculum Vitae, $98; Fleur of England, $100;

Problem: It's 100 degrees with 100-percent humidity, and I think I'm beginning to melt.

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You have two options: mesh or cotton. This set from Negative Underwear (pictured, top) is designed to be like second skin and to prevent sweat from collecting where it's most uncomfortable. But if you'd rather opt for something less racy, try Calvin Klein (which can be worn outside, in our opinion, à la Kendall Jenner, in photo at top) or this pretty pastel set from Araks.

Shop the pieces (from top): Negative bra, $85; Negative thong, $28; Calvin Klein sports bra, $45, Calvin Klein briefs, $20; Araks bra, $84; Araks bottom, $48;

Problem: I don't know what to wear under white.

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Wear neutrals that match closest with your skin tone. A set in these shades will give the illusion that there's nothing under all those crisp white shirts. Choose a convertible bra for maximum options, which you can wear beyond the end of summer.

Shop the pieces (from top): Natori convertible bra, $66; Natori bikini, $30; Soma Intimates bra, $48; Soma Intimates hipster brief, $15;

Problem: I live in v-neck tees, but cannot go bra-less, what do I do?

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Meet Stella McCartney's Supernatural bra. It will provide out-of-this world support without revealing its magic to those around you.

Shop the piece: Stella McCartney, $65;