Suki Waterhouse Accidentally Shot Someone with a Firearm on the Set of Her New Movie

Suki Waterhouse lead
Photo: Chris Jackson

We might've one-upped both the odd Donald Trump/Toad news and Bert and Ernie drama with today's installment of "extremely unexpected headlines" — because actress Suki Waterhouse apparently shot someone with a firearm while filming a scene in her new movie.

Alright, we have questions. The first of which being, what??? Page Six says that Waterhouse copped to shooting someone with a firearm during the premiere of Assassination Nation this week, and it was not the camera kind of "shooting."

“I hurt somebody,” she said bluntly. “The bullet ricocheted. They hadn’t seen that in 20 years. The bullet came back at the guy and hurt him.” To add fuel to the fire, she also added that the actors "didn’t get extensive [firearms] training."

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"I’m not gonna lie, it was maybe an hour," she said.

We still have no idea who she shot, but based on how flippantly Waterhouse announced the eyebrow-raising news, we're hoping it was a minor injury after all. We reached out to Waterhouse's reps for comment, but until we hear back, keep this possibly injured movie person in your thoughts.

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