Suite Spot: See the Super Luxe Hotel Room that Nate Berkus Decorated

Nate Berkus and his Lowes Regency Hotel Suite
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Now, you can sweeten your vacation days by spending them in an original Nate Berkus room! The golden boy decorator teamed up with the Loews Regency to revamp one of the signature suites in their New York City hotel.

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The Manhattan hotel recently completed a $100 million renovation and enlisted the help of Berkus to transform a 1,000-square-foot suite comprised of a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, balcony, and formal living room. "The challenge in designing any hotel suite is for it to not feel generic or staid," said Berkus. "The goal is always to create a space that feels fresh and new and unexpected, like you're stepping into someone's home, where every detail—from the art, to the accessories on the hall table—is thought out and deliberate."

Nate Berkus Lowes Regency Hotel Suite

The space is quintessentially New York: chic, sophisticated, and full of cooler-than-thou energy. Underlining the sleek glamour is, of course, Nate's signature coziness. In spite of the elevated style, there's something about the space that invites you to kick off your shoes, flop onto the plush bed, and order room service.

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"The goal is always to create a space that feels fresh & new & unexpected." —@NateBerkus

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Nate Berkus Lowes Regency Hotel Suite

In addition to Berkus's contribution, the hotel revamped several other suites including one inspired by Marilyn Monroe, one by Andy Warhol's pop art, another by New York's fashion industry, and more.

"We wanted to offer guests several distinct experiences with the Signature Suites," says Jonathan Tisch, Chairman of Loews Hotels & Resorts. "Each suite embodies a unique perspective and aesthetic, but together they represent a collective New York look and feel that Loews Regency has always evoked, and that is part of the special energy that has made the hotel a home away from home for guests for over 50 years."

Nate Berkus Lowes Regency Hotel Suite

Ready for a seriously sweet sleepover? Book Berkus' suite now at the Loews Regency Hotel's site.

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