Sucker Punch: Vanessa Hudgens on Action, Weapons, More!

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens' new action-fantasy movie Sucker Punch debuts in theaters tomorrow, and just as the film's title suggests, the action sequences were physically demanding. "Everybody, everyday kept on pushing us to our extreme," Hudgens (in Jenny Packham) told us at the Los Angeles premiere last night. "I kept on topping my personal best." Just to give you a hint: Hudgens plays the street-smart Blondie, one of five lead actresses in the film who has to fight against captors in an alternate reality. In doing so, she dealt a lot with weapons, like machine guns and saws, all while wearing barely-there bloomers, bustiers, and fishnet stockings. As for what she would have wanted to take from the set? "Well, I really wish I could still carry around my saw!"

See the rest of the Sucker Punch stars and more celebrities at the premiere in the gallery.

Sharon Clott, with reporting by Erica Helwick

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