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If you're on the market for some new accessory that really shows off your personal style, you may be forgetting that an iPhone case can really do the trick. As the tech accessories market continues to grow, there is a slew of new and refreshing styles that are dosed with pretty prints, like a Gray Malin's seascape (below), or embellished with sequins. A unique iPhone case can breathe new life into your cell. But the real perk of a statement iPhone case? Instead of someone whinging, "You're always on your phone!" perhaps you'll get a "Hey, I really like that iPhone case."

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1. Gray Malin iPhone 6 case, $50; 2. Zero Gravity iPhone 6 case, $24; 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 case, $38; 4. Monika Strigel iPhone 6 case, $35; 5. Anthropologie iPhone 6 case, $20; 6. Sonix iPhone 6 case, $35; 7. Recover iPhone 6 case, $58; 8. Ban.Do iPhone 5/5s case, $15; 9. Topshop iPhone 6 case, $15;

Shop the iPhone case pictured at top: Dannijo, $98;