Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

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Snapchat has already won over the fashion industry, and now it seems stylish celebrities are joining the bandwagon as well. As opposed to Instagram's glossy, premeditated aesthetic, Snapchat is an unedited look at real life in real time.

The app offers an authentic peek behind closed doors—whether that door is to Rihanna's hotel room where she's desperately trying to squash a bug or to Kylie Jenner's car as she jams out with friends on the way to Calabasas.

While many celebrities have joined Snapchat, as we found in our research for this story, not many of them are actively using the app—yet (we're patiently waiting for the day the Olsen twins to start to snap). However, that didn't stop us from finding the handful of stylish A-listers who are regularly adding snaps to their stories and sharing them here.