Style On Set: The “Gossip Girl” Hairstylists’ Secret Weapon

Style On Set: The Gossip Girl Hairstylists' Secret Weapon - What's Right Now
Photo: Courtesy of the CW; Courtesy of Phyto

The cast of Gossip Girl gets back to work in New York City today, and we've got some insider information from the set. "They saved my life!" declares Taylor Momsen of show hairstylists Jen Johnson and Liz Davila, who introduced the platinum blonde to the Phyto hair care collection. "They taught me that not all hair products are evil." Why is the line so popular on and off the Gossip Girl set? "The girls love it because it doesn't cause build-up and it's made from all-natural ingredients," says Davila, who gives Leighton Meester Blair's signature waves.Applying Phytovolume Actif spray to the actress's damp tresses, Davila blows them dry, then smooths on Phyto 7 botanical cream. Now that we know their hair secrets, does the stylist team care to share any plot spoilers from the upcoming season? "We have no idea what's going to happen," Davila claims. "We have our opinions, but we're usually wrong!"

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