Brigitte Bardot And Gunter Sachs In Rome
Credit: Jean-Claude Sauer/Paris Match via Getty

One of the things that makes Brigitte Bardot’s style so memorable is the contrast of her provocative beauty—the petulant pout, the exaggerated eyeliner, the tousled blonde locks, the body—with her seemingly innocent clothing choices: naive florals, girlish gingham checks, peasant blouses, petticoats. Had she matched her lush looks with more sultry apparel, she might have been a forgettable starlet instead of the style icon she is today.

Here she is in Rome in 1967 wearing a demure Provençal-style tiered dress with bare feet and a posey tucked behind her ear—and a very knowing expression. One could wonder if there was ever a better example of “a fox in sheep’s clothing.” And, yet, based on her life-long love of animals and her choice to step away from the glare of the paparazzi at a young age, I believe that there was always a sweet soul wrapped in a bombshell package—and not the other way around. Vive, B.B.!

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