The two sat down for Style Crush in our July issue, and we took all the notes.

Style Crush
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It was hard to miss actress Lucy Boynton throughout awards season this year. The Bohemian Rhapsody star turned out statement look after statement look from the Golden Globes to the Oscars, without skipping a fashion beat.

And we weren’t the only one who took note. Recently when we caught up with actress, singer, and style star in her own right, Sabrina Carpenter, she admitted that she was also crushing hard on Boynton’s latest parade of chic, feminine looks by Rodarte, Celine, Gucci, and more.

Style Crush
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“I’ve loved literally everything that Lucy has worn this season,” says Carpenter, whose new album, Singular: Act II, is out July 19. “She always switches up her look and experiments with hair and makeup, as well, which is my favorite thing to do. I’m just excited to see what she’ll go for next.”

So, for InStyle’s July issue, we connected Carpenter with Boynton to talk shop. On the agenda? Shopping splurges, red carpet risks, and why sometimes we all have to suffer for good style.

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Style Crush
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SABRINA CARPENTER: Oh my gosh, Lucy, this whole fashion season you took over every red carpet you were on. So this might be one big compliment sesh — I hope that’s OK!

LUCY BOYNTON: I’m chuffed! Just sitting here, grinning.

SC: I’m always excited to see what you’re going to show up in. Your looks are all very different but always so beautiful.

LB: My style is pretty eclectic. I never stray too far from little vintage baby-doll dresses, though. What I end up in often depends on my shoes and if I’m in the mood for Mary-Janes or creepers. I tend to be inspired by whatever is around me.

SC: Me too. I was just in Tokyo, and I kind of went crazy in Harajuku. I actually got a lot of those vintage baby-doll dresses.

Style Crush
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LB: Oh, nice! London is unbeatable in my eyes when it comes to vintage. It’s a cliché, but Brick Lane is my fail-safe. I’m always looking for new little nooks and crannies in the city.

SC: What was your latest shopping splurge? I just bought these Balenciaga sneakers that I’ve wanted forever. They look like grandpa shoes, but honestly, they’re so comfortable.

LB: Mary-Janes by Carel. I have them in red and powder blue, and I’m stalking the website for silver or gold. [laughs]

SC: What’s your red-carpet process like these days?

LB: Sometimes I like to be pared-down and classic, and other times I’ll go much more out-there, like with that turquoise Gucci dress I wore to the Santa Barbara Film Festival [below]. I’m still trying to re-create that makeup look.

Style Crush
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SC: Your makeup always takes your outfits to the next level. I’ve been pulling inspiration shots from your eye looks.

LB: I wish I could take the credit, but my makeup artist, Jo Baker, always has some incredible mood board going. The bright pink eyes were the peak of our experimentation.

SC: Lately I’ve been into wearing power colors like pink and red — it’s like it’s Valentine’s Day constantly.

LB: Red is the one that always makes me feel powerful. And purple too. But for day-to-day, black is my go-to. My internal Wednesday Addams has to come out in some way. [laughs]

Style Crush
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SC: If you could swap closets with anyone, whose would it be? I’d say Rihanna’s — not that I could wear half of it. I just feel like you can do a lot with the things in that closet.

LB: I’d go back and 1,000 percent take Mia Farrow’s wardrobe from Rosemary’s Baby. It covers all the bases.

SC: Good one! I’m 20, so right now it seems like my style changes every five minutes. Sometimes I love what I’m wearing, and other times I don’t. I have to admit I stopped looking at my red-carpet photos a long time ago, though.

LB: I totally get that. My advice is to always enjoy what you wear — and then walk away and don’t look back. [laughs] If you showed me a collage of the things I used to wear, I’d definitely turn scarlet at a lot of them. But I’m trying to be more in the headspace of not regretting anything now because I know I felt good in it at the time. Feeling insecure in a look is the only thing I really ever regret.

SC: What’s been your biggest fashion risk so far?

LB: The gold Celine dress I wore to the Golden Globes [below]. When my stylist, Leith Clark, first sent me a picture of it, I was like, “No way. That’s just not me. So far from me.” And then, when I tried it on, I had to apologize to her profusely because it was perfect.

Style Crush
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SC: It was! There have been times when my stylist, Jason [Bolden], tried to put me in heels for a show and I had to give him the look. But if I’m just on a carpet for a few minutes, I can handle anything. One of my favorites was this chain-mail Versace dress that weighed, like, 40 pounds. It was a love-hate thing.

LB: Sometimes you gotta suffer for that art, girl.