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While I’m a fan of glitter nail polishes, I’ve grown to dread the removal process. No matter how much acetone I use or how hard I scrub, I always wind up having to scrape off the last few flecks, further damaging my already fragile nails. So, when I heard about Orly’s One Night Stand Peel-Off Base Coat ($10;, an innovative formula designed to remove glitter polish in one fell swoop, I knew I had to put it to the test.

I applied one thin coat to each nail and even though it dried quickly, I allowed it to set for 30 minutes to achieve the best results. This felt like a lot of waiting around at first, but compared to how long it would normally take me to remove glitter from my nails, it definitely made things easier in the end. Next, I grabbed one of my toughest glitter finishes, swiped on two layers, and followed up with a shiny top coat.

The formula is only meant to last a day or two, which is fine because I could hardly wait until the next day before I started picking at the corners. Most of the polish peeled off in one sheet, which was oddly satisfying (kind of like when I used to peel dry glue off my hands for fun in elementary school). But most importantly, I was able to fully remove every last sparkle without any scrubbing, scraping or damage to my nail beds. I'd call that a game-changer.

Credit: Courtesy