These Stranger Things Stars Absolutely Lose It Over Meeting Rebel Wilson

Aside from the whole Upside Down, Demogorgon, psychokinetic ability thing, the kids of Stranger Things really are just like us!

Noah Schnapp, the 12-year-old who plays Will Byers in the wildly successful Netflix series, and castmate Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) reminded us of that fact when they ran into Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson in a stairwell on Wednesday.

Thankfully, Schnapp shared their feelings about the run-in on Twitter, so we don't have to let our imaginations run too wild picturing the epic meet cute. Spoiler: not only is it too pure for this world, it's also so relatable it hurts. "OMG CALEB AND I JUST MET @RebelWilson WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS AND CALEB WAS LIKE OMG I LOVE U AND WE STARTED SCREAMINGN LIKE LITTLE GIRLS," Noah wrote.

Russia, if you're listening and have footage of this interaction, please release it.

In the meantime, McLaughlin, Schnapp, and the rest of their crew returns to Netflix with season two of Stranger Things on Oct. 27.

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