We Finally Have the Answer to the Stranger Things Season 3 Cliffhanger

Hopper is...

Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers ahead:

If you were left with your mouth open (and your eyes watering) at the end of Stranger Things season 3, wondering about the fate of Hawkins police chief, better known as Hopper, then today is your day. On Friday, Netflix released the first trailer for season 4 of the series, and while it doesn't give us much, we do find out what happened after the explosion that saved the town (and possibly killed Hopper).

In the trailer, captioned "From Russia with love," we see a group of people working on railroad tracks in the snow. For the first few seconds, its unclear what we're looking at until we see a man take off his hat and look to the sky. That man, of course, is Hopper.

If you recall, the end of Season 3 showed Hopper taking one for the team and sacrificing himself in an explosion that closed the gate. This move successfully cut off the Mind Flayer's body from its mind, in theory killing the monster.

While it was unclear if Hopper died, we never saw him in Hawkins again. Eleven, who was in his custody, is taken in by Joyce, and we see them moving out of Hawkins. The cliffhanger further solidified itself in the credits where a clip of guards in Kamchatka, Russia were told to leave "the American." This latest trailer seemingly proves the theories right: the "American" was indeed Hopper.

Watch the latest trailer below:

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