By Jonathan Borge
Updated Nov 01, 2017 @ 11:45 am

It’s been less than a week since Season 2 of Stranger Things hit Netflix and the cast of the hit sci-fi show continues to make headlines.

Noah Schnapp, who portrays Will, was hospitalized this week— but don’t worry, the actor appears to be OK. On Monday, the 13-year-old actor took to Twitter to announce he wouldn’t be joining his castmates for a scheduled appearance on Good Morning America the following day.

“Hi GMA and ST fans! Sorry, I am missing this! Life imitating art,” he wrote. “Nothin’ serious but bummed I won’t make it. Have fun tomorrow!”

In the shot, he’s lying in bed with his eyes closed and thankfully looks healthy. So why’d he write “life imitating art”?

Spoiler alert: Schnapp’s character Will spends much of Season 2 visiting the doctor and recovering from illness we later learn is tied to the fact he was possessed by the shadow monster.

While Schnapp wasn’t able to make his appearance, his castmates took to Twitter to show their support.

Feel better, Noah!