Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Got a Bowl Cut

When Steve Harrington went from pompadour to mullet for season two of Stranger Things, his curly, gravy-defying hair became the show's breakout star. Since then, actor Joe Keery is constantly asked about his hair. People want to know the exact products he uses, his off-screen hair routine, how often he washes his hair, and if it always looks that volumious and shiny. There are even tutorials on how to recreate his now famous hairstyle.

Well Steve fans are about to have a lot more questions — mainly WHY would Keery cut off that glorious hair? (And did anyone get to keep it. Just kidding. Maybe.) Nope, we are not in The Upside Down: Keery now has a bowl cut. The actor attended a dinner hosted by Chanel and Margot Robbie in celebration of the new Gabrielle Chanel Essence fragrance looking nothing like the villian-turned-hearthrob-turned-dad-of-the-friend-group character he plays on Stranger Things.

Joe Keery Bowl Cut
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There was also a mustache-and-chest-hair situation going on that we have some questions about, but first the bowl cut: Keery's short length is cut symmetrically just above his ears and features choppy bangs. There is also some intense side burn action happening. The bowl cut is a controversial look, but he's not the only celeb who's making a case for its comeback. Charlize Theron, a similarly hot person, has also recently made the cut look cool.

Sarah Hindsgaul, Stranger Things lead hairstylist, previously told InStyle that Keery is just as into his hair as his character is, despite it being kind of tough to style. "He had always cut his hair short his whole life until we started the show, but the only way to control that massive amount of hair is to have some length to it," she explains. "We grow it out and then layer it throughout so it’s a bit piece-y. Otherwise, it gets stick straight."

So, maybe Keery just got tired of styling his hair every day. Let's be honest: Blow-drying extremely thick hair sucks and takes forever. Given that the hit Netflix show films during the summer, fall is really the best time for Keery to go ahead and try a completely different look. Also, Hindsgaul has strict rules about when the show's actors can and can't cut their hair. She told InStylethat she asks male cast members not to cut their hair in the four months leading up to filming to make it easier to style their characters' retro cuts.

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Along with Steven fans everywhere, I'm taking a moment of silence to pay my respects for our favorite character's former haircut. I'm trying to stay positive during this difficult time, so I'm just going to say I'm happy that Keery won't go through his hair wax as quickly with this new cut.

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