Brandi Fowler
Sep 22, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Gaten Matarazzo's adorable new pup officially has a name!

Ahead of the return of Stranger Things to Netflix next month, Gaten Matarazzo gave fans a special challenge: help him name his new puppy after he showed off the furry cutie on Instagram Thursday.

"I'd like to welcome the new puppy to the family," he captioned a shot of himself and his lookalike siblings palming the pup. "We are having trouble coming up with a name for her. So if you guys wouldn't mind throwing out some suggestions. (NOTHING STRANGER THINGS RELATED) P.S. She's a girl."

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The suggestions poured in, with fans trying really hard to stay away from Stranger Things-esque monikers, as they threw out every name from Rosie, Basil, and Nugget to Butter Cup, Marigold, and even Fluffball and Snickers, in his comments.

After an endless amount of suggestions poured in, the 15-year-old thesp announced that they had settled on a name that was in the mix as well.

"Yo, dudes. So, yesterday I posted a picture asking for suggestions on names for the puppy that we just got, and I think we are going to go with Mattie," he said in an Instagram video. Watch it here:

Let's all welcome Mattie to the family.

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Mattie is already feeling right at home with Gaten and the rest of the family, which could be seen as he shared a video of the puppy playfully biting him and hopping over him as he filmed her. "Fun times with the new pup," he captioned it.

Fun times with the new pup

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And because even pups need naps, she quickly tired out, snoozing near their couch.

Fingers crossed that little Mattie gets her own Instagram account a la Sophie Turner's husky, or at least a Game of Thrones-Stranger Things playdate.

Nap time.

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