By Lara Walsh
Feb 06, 2017 @ 7:45 am

Sunday night's Super Bowl game brought viewers back to the land of the Upside Down with a riveting preview of Stranger Things Season 2 during the game, and one thing's certain: Things are about to get a whole lot more intense in the newest segment of the popular Netflix show.

The 30-second clip starts off with an '80s-themed Eggo waffles commercial before we see Eleven, who disappeared at the end of Season 1, return to the screen—while looking absolutely terrified.

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"The world is turning upside down," text on the screen reads as we see the band of boys biking down a road, Dustin dressed up in a Ghostbusters costume, Will standing in front of the entrance to an eerily-lit room, and a new spider-esque monster lighting up the sky that looks a hundred times more terrifying than last season's villain.

According to the teaser, we'll have to wait until Halloween to see Stranger Things returns for its highly anticipated second season, but this new clip assures us that it will be well worth the wait. Check out the full trailer by clicking on the video at top.