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Marc Rosen, Perfume Bottle Design
Credit: Courtesy Photos

Who designed your perfume bottle? Award-winning packaging designer Marc Rosen wants you to know. “Every woman knows who designed her dress, her handbag, or her shoes, so it is really rather odd that the creators of perfumes and of perfume bottles so often remain anonymous,” he wrote in his new book Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design, out this week. His new tome aims to change that idea, and educate the vast audience of fragrance lovers through his career-making accomplishments creating for Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, and more. “I call perfume bottles ‘Glamour Icons’ because these fascinating small vessels have the power to transport us to a more beautiful and desirable world,” he wrote of the title. “It is a tall order for such a small package.” Click through the gallery for a preview of the book, on sale now for $85 at Amazon.com.