By Katherine Eisenbrand
Updated Feb 23, 2018 @ 5:15 pm
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Stitch Fix - Lead
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Stitch Fix has proven its place in the e-commerce world by creating one of the most convenient shopping experience on the Internet. Unlike other beauty/style box delivery services, Stitch Fix does not require you to subscribe and you can return anything you don’t like. Here’s how it works: You tell your stylist what you like, request a shipment, and keep what you want. Each time you order, Stitch Fix improves its algorithms and picks to fit you. It’s Sophia the Robot citizen of Saudi Arabia meets Tim Gunn of Project Runway—a savvy fashion assistant that learns your personal taste.

This customer-centric philosophy has led them to their newest innovation—Stitch Fix Extras. Stitch Fix Extras is a curated collection of intimates that Fixers can add on to their regular shipment of five closet items. After scheduling a Fix, clients will be able to browse camisoles, shapewear, underwear, tights, bralettes, bras, and socks to add-on—making it that much easier to update all parts of your wardrobe. And, yes, they offer all your favorite brands and tons of sizes to suit different styles and budgets.

Lisa Bougie, General Manager of Women’s business at Stitch Fix, tells InStyle that “Stitch Fix is for everyone.”

“From the stylish fashionista looking to add the latest trends to her wardrobe to the busy mom who barely has time to treat herself to a day of shopping, or the guy who may be intimidated by shopping and needs a bit of a wardrobe refresh,” she continues. “The idea is that Stitch Fix can be every person’s one-stop-shop for personalized fashion needs.”

And “personalized” is no exaggeration: Stitch Fix offers choices for people of many body types. In fact, at this time Stitch Fix Extras serves women’s sizes XS to 3X, including options in both Plus and Maternity. Additionally, as further proof of their dedication to equal-access fashion, Stitch Fix caters to people with different budget ranges as well. The price point for intimates varies with clientele and ranges from $9.50 to $60.00 per item. From your wallet to your underwear, Stitch Fix has you covered, so to speak.

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Included in the Extras collection are brands that everybody knows and loves—think Hanky Panky, Wacoal, Hue, and Free People. But it’s the new Stitch Fix exclusive brand, Everyday by Stitch Fix, that’s got us most excited.

Bougie tells us that Everyday by Stitch Fix “helps address a key price point and allows [Stitch Fix] to innovate quickly on shape and style based on client feedback.” This feature is unique in that your feedback can actually change the way a product is manufactured—it’s really all about the customer.

Bougie, whose goal is to keep Fixers at the heart of everything, has seen this iterative feedback process in action. For example, she tells InStyle that “clients repeatedly ask for adjustable straps, so we incorporated them into our camisoles in this line. Our clients also voiced interest in longer styles and more thigh coverage, so we designed our shapewear to meet this need.”

This hyper-responsiveness to customers is part of a new marketing trend, upon which Stitch Fix and its “family” of similar services have capitalized greatly. Distribution and procurement services—such as ipsy, Birchbox, Roxbox—are all about the customer experience. The situation is a win/win! Customers get more options, more say in what fashion offerings are available to them, and as a result, a bigger capacity for self-expression through fashion. Stitch Fix’s innovation is a positive feedback system that trusts customers to know what looks best on them, and precisely responds to their individualized demands. No need for a second opinion—Stitch Fix is something you need in your life.