The Lipstick You Can Apply Using One Hand in Five Seconds Flat

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If we had a dollar for every time a lipstick lost its cap in our handbags and got ruined, we'd probably have enough to spring for a whole new tube. But even that wouldn't end the juggling act of applying lip color while on the go. For those who only have enough time to touch up your lips in the middle of rush hour, consider the Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstik a key element in your commute.

The user-friendly flip-top cap allows you to touch up your pout with just one hand in a matter of seconds. Available in six wearable hues ranging from tawny nude to deep burgundy, the triangular bullet is wide enough to cover your top and bottom lips in two quick sweeps, and the lipstick is slim and streamlined enough to fit in the smallest clutch, or in the back pocket of your jeans. As an added bonus, the chrome exterior can actually double as a mirror, so you won't have to make a pit stop in the bathroom to make sure your finish is even.

Pick up a tube for $20 at, and never blame your lateness on makeup again.

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