Steven Tyler
Credit: Courtesy of Fox Flash

Have you ever watched Steven Tyler on American Idoland thought What's in his hair? Well, those funky strands you see are feathers! “Steven is always wanting to do fun and new things,” hairstylist Stephanie Pohl—the mastermind behind Tyler’s rock star look—told InStyle. “I saw the feathers in the hair store and knew they would be perfect for him.” And she stocked up! “I have a bunch of packages of different feathers in different colors,” Pohl said. “Every few weeks I change out the feathers and bond new ones into his hair. The feathers stay in until I remove them.” Feathers aren’t the only thing she puts in the Aerosmith singer's hair. “He wears a braid that I sew charms into, and he wears what we call his raccoon tail in the front,” she said. Click through the gallery for a closer look at Tyler’s accessorized hair and to find out how Pohl perfected his hair’s gritty texture.