By Lara Walsh
Updated Sep 02, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Steve Jobs - Lead
Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty

Have you ever wanted to dress like Steve Jobs? The late tech genius's vintage wardrobe is up for auction, and now any aspiring entrepreneur can emulate Jobs with his trademark black turtleneck, the black confidence-enhancing leather jacket he famously wore while flipping the bird at an IBM sign, and much more—all for the right price.

The estate of Jane Fonda has announced that with the help of Julien's Live, "the auction house to the stars," it is selling off a variety of the Apple founder's watches, '90s Levi jeans, Versace button-ups, and Neiman Marcus bowties. One of the hottest items on the auction list? Jobs's iconic black NeXT-branded turtleneck that can be yours, starting at a bidding price of $500 (it's currently at $1000 and is estimated to take in anywhere between $1000 to $3000).

For the more eccentric buyer, Jobs's bathrobe and electric razors set or the $4,000 leather jacket with plenty of attitude might be more up your alley.

Check out the full inventory of Steve Jobs items here—good luck!