Though it feels as though the golden age of network television is over — our weekly faves replaced by day-long Netflix binges — one (or rather, two) of our favorite parts of the early-aughts sitcom scene is coming back.

Alum from a couple of NBC’s best and brightest (Friends and The Office) are joining forces to create what we are certain will be one of the most monumental serialized events of the late 2010s: Apple’s untitled morning show drama.

OK, that sounded better in our head. The untitled series, which we've known for a while will star Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (who also appeared on Friends as Rachel's little sister, Jill), has just cast its third major player: The Office’s Steve Carell! This will be both Aniston and Carell’s first major TV role since they left their respective series.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images
The Office
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

We know admittedly very little about the 2019 Apple series, but that won’t stop us from making some educated guesses about various storylines …

Episode 1: Steve’s character will begin adding “that’s what she said” to everything Jen’s character says, thereby causing her to seek revenge in an enormously petty way (i.e. intercepting and eating his cheesecake delivery, perhaps).

Episode 2: After a raucous company-wide awards night at Chili’s, Jen’s character drunk dials Steve’s character and tells him she’s over him, to which he responds, “When were you ever under me? THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.”

You hiring, Apple?

Since Friends ended in 2004 and Carell left The Office in 2011, both stars have found enormous success in film. Carell earned an Oscar nomination for his 2014 performance in Foxcatcher, with a possible second on the way for his starring role in Beautiful Boy, while Aniston received immense critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Cake (2014).