Credit: Courtesy of Time

For nearly a decade, Stephen Colbert has entertained us with his so-wrong-it’s-right conservative TV persona on The Colbert Report. Now he is taking over from David Letterman as host of CBS’s Late Show with a goal of making late-night TV matter again. In this week’s issue of Time, Colbert explores the first subject he’d like to explore in front of his new audience: himself.

On the Timecover, Colbert wears a serious expression, rather than his usual mischievous, somewhat silly one. The image, photographed by Platon, is in black and white with a headline that reads, “Colbert … as You’ve Never Seen Him,” leading us to wonder what’s in store for his latest TV venture.

What the cover story tells us is that Colbert has planned a series of Late Show segments titled "Who Am Me" in order to let viewers in on the real Stephen Colbert. In the Time piece, the comedian further explores his past and also shares a glimpse into his editing process, including discussions withproducers on which jokes to keep and throw out.

Making his late-night CBS debut on Sept. 8, Colbert will likely be a crowd pleaser as the Late Show's host. After all, with his comedic genius combined with viewers’ already established adoration of the man, what's not to love?

For the full story, pick up this week's issue of Time.